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Weekly Bulletin

Liturgy Schedule for This Week

Day Month Date Time Church Intention
Saturday May 20 4:00 PM St. Andrew Church Mike Wood by Marsha Wood
Saturday May 20 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows Parishioners and Visitors
Sunday May 21 9:00 AM St. Andrew Church Charles and Blanche Podhajski by Ken and Blanche Kreiling
Sunday May 21 11:00 AM St. Patrick Church Special Intention of a Parishioner
Monday May 22 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Mass
Tuesday May 23 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Mass
Wednesday May 24 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Antonio Puntillo by Constance LaMantia
Ascension of the Lord, Thursday May 25 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Pat Raymond by family
Ascension of the Lord May 25 5:30 PM St. Patrick Church Mass
Friday May 26 8:00 AM St. Andrew Church Mass
Saturday May 27 4:00 PM St. Andrew Church Jennifer Morey by JoAnn Field and family
Saturday May 27 6:00 PM Our Lady of the Snows Mass
Sunday May 28 9:00 AM St. Andrew Church Francis Miller by Amy Miller
Sunday May 28 11:00 AM St. Patrick Church Mass

Extended Liturgy Schedule (to June 4, 2017)

Schedules for Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers

Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers for St. Andrew Church

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers for Our Lady of the Snows Church

Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers for Saint Patrick Church

Collections Last Weekend

Parish Offertory C.&E.Europe Home Missions Basilica Insurance
St. Andrew Parish $1669 $160 $30 $302 $55
Our Lady of the Snows / Saint Patrick Parish $784 $57 $142

Contributing to Your Parish On-Line

With assistance from the Diocese of Burlington, members of our parishes may now make weekly parish offertory contributions on-line via a secure website. Since members of Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parish have expressed an interest in on-line giving, we are making this option available to them first.

Ascension Thursday is a Holy Day of Obligation

The faithful have an obligation to make a serious attempt to celebrate Mass as if it were a Sunday. Masses at our local Parishes are as follows:

• St. Andrew Church, Waterbury – 8 AM on Thursday, May 25
• St. Patrick Church, Moretown – 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 25
Besides our two Masses, local churches have scheduled the following Masses as well: • Blessed Sacrament, Stowe: Wed., May 24 (Vigil) 5:30 PM; Thurs., May 25 – 8:30 AM
• St. Augustine, Montpelier: Wed., May 24 (Vigil) 5:30 PM; Thurs., May 25 – 8AM & 12 Noon
• Holy Rosary, Richmond: Thurs, May 25 at 8:30 AM

Religious Education News

(Call Amanda Badeau, Coordinator (279-2391) for more information, or to register your child.)

As we conclude this year’s program at St. Andrew and Our Lady of the Snows/St. Patrick Parishes, we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals who were involved in teaching this year: Sile Torres (Gr 1), Maggie Grow and Laurie Flaherty (Gr 2), Kristin Geoghegan and Mary Alice Clark (Gr 3, 4), Gena Callan and Gerry Callan (Gr 5, 6), Jim and Diana Whitney (Gr 7,8), David White and Josette White Metayer (Gr 9), Kevin Nadzam (Gr 10), Katrina Burks (Hall Monitor), Amanda Badeau (Coordinator, Waterbury Program); Suzie Lowe (Coordinator and Gr 2 teacher, Valley Program). Special thanks also to high school students Marissa Hoffman and Amaris Callan for helping out in the classrooms on Sundays, and the many parents who volunteered in our classrooms, helped with special projects and provided those delicious snacks! Our program was enriched by your participation! We are always looking for volunteers to help in our program. If you are interested, or would like to learn more about what is involved, please contact the rectory (244-7734). Classes will resume in mid-September.

Child Safety Policy at Our Parishes

“The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is comprised of the Roman Catholic bishops of the United States. In June 2002, the USCCB approved The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People as they committed themselves to providing a “safe environment” for all children and youth in Church-sponsored activities.

This defining document is comprised of seventeen articles, which outline the American Roman Catholic bishops’ pledge to respond to allegations of victims of sexual abuse by clergy, promote healing and reconciliation, ensure accountability in procedures, and protect children and youth in the future.

The USCCB also established the Office of Child and Youth Protection to assist dioceses and eparchies in the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. This Office assists dioceses as they ensure the consistent application of the Charter’s guidelines and procedures to prevent abuse and to properly deal with allegations of sexual abuse by priests and deacons.” (taken from Diocese of Burlington website)

As part of the Diocese of Burlington’s continuing commitment to protect children and young people, all adults who work with children and youth are required to participate in child abuse prevention training, complete a background check, and sign a Code of Conduct. The training program for adults currently used within the Diocese of Burlington is Safe and Sacred by Proud to Protect, Inc. To learn more, or to participate in the program, visit the "Child Safety" section of or contact your parish office."

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, please call 1-800-649.5285 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parish News

Prayers for the Sick

We pray for Ed Bellerose, Robert Dean, Sue Ellsasser, Jason Fowler, Phyllis Gokey, Phyllis Gorey, Mary Hermanowski, Ann Lamarch, Larry McKittrick, Grace Lee, Andy Mays, Scott Miller, Jose Ocampo, Jim Pratt, Gene Robinson, Sue Rogers, Jack Smith, John Smith, Deacon Ray Wheeler. Please notify us if anyone you know is unable to attend Mass due to illness, handicap or age, and would like a Communion visit.

Bishop's Fund 2017 - “Serving God in All Things.”- In Pew Phase May 20, 21

I know that the annual Bishop's Fund seems to be almost “infinite” in that the appeal begins again so soon after its conclusion from the preceding year. Over the past two years, the diocese has been able to save almost $30,000 by increasing ONLINE giving and IN-PEW pledges. In this Year of Creation, we should strive even more to save valuable resources by reducing mailings and cost of mailings, as well as saving time and energy in completing the appeal. While the IN-PEW phase of the Bishop's Fund might not be the best time for our particular communities in Waterbury or the Valley, the IN-CHURCH pledge/Collection is scheduled to begin at all our Masses on May 20, 21. Pledged cards and envelopes will be provided. Let us make a strong effort to respond in this first phase of the Appeal or to any first mailings we receive. I am so grateful for your generous support in the past almost always attaining and at times vastly exceeding our goals. - Father Jerry

High School Graduates!

Scholarship/Awards applications (Knights of Columbus and Altar Society) available in the entrance of St. Andrew Church – see Bulletin Board! Deadline: 5/28/17. These awards will be presented at a Mass for Graduates on Sunday, June 4th at the 9 AM Mass at St. Andrew Church.

Mark your Calendars!! Family Movie Night on Saturday, June 10th

The Knights of Columbus will be sponsoring a Family Movie Night in St. Leo Hall to watch The Young Messiah. Save the date and see next week’s bulletin for details.

FORMED - a Catholic on-line Adult and Youth Faith Education service

This past year our parishes subscribed to FORMED (featuring a vast variety of faith education programs, videos, on Sacraments, Youth ministry, RCIA, children’s programs). FORMED now has a “search” added to assist users to locate specific topics of interest. This past year we had 57 users. We have renewed our subscription, hoping that many more will take advantage of this tool for faith education: Go to You should see the registration box for parishioners. Type in the parish code: 4N77N3. Now set up a username and a password and you are all set to use all the great content on anytime.

What's new with the Knights of Columbus?

Check out all the news on their website:

Safe and Sacred for Volunteers - Reminder

The Diocese of Burlington's Office of Safe Environment Programs introduced a new child safety training program for adults called Safe and Sacred, which replaces VIRTUS and Shield the Vulnerable. As a completely online program, Safe and Sacred is designed to make training accessible and convenient for both the program user and the administrators.

Volunteers in our Religious Education Program are required to take the Safe and Sacred training. It is also strongly recommended for all other parish volunteers (Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers, etc.) to take this training as well. To begin your training visit the website:; select “Child Safety”, followed by “Safe and Sacred”, and follow the instructions to complete your registration and training. Thank you for helping us to keep our children safe!

Capital Deanery Adoration Chapel

Drop in at the Capital Deanery Adoration Chapel, St. Augustine Church, Montpelier any time from Monday mornings to Saturday afternoons. Consider becoming a regular adorer - Adorers are needed to fill the following time slots: Mondays 10-11 AM, Tuesdays 2-3 PM, Thursdays 5-6 PM. Other hours available - Sign up for an hour; time-share an hour with a friend. Call Deacon Ges Schneider (802-223-2151) or St. Augustine Rectory (802-223-5285).

Abbey Press “CareNotes”

Along with various CDs/pamphlets from Lighthouse Catholic Media, we now have “CareNotes” available for parishioners free of charge. These CareNotes pamphlets are intended to help people going through various trials and circumstances in life. Some titles include “Humor, It Helps As We Age”, The First Week after a Funeral”, “When Bad Things Happen To Us,” “Grieving”, “Living With Cancer”, “Finding God In Pain”, “Dealing With Financial Stress”, “Doing Your Best As a Single Parent”, and more. They are located in the pamphlet rack with Lighthouse publications.

Lighthouse Catholic Media

If you are looking to learn more about the faith, we have a new line of CDs and pamphlets on various subjects. Some new titles include: Eucharist, our very Life, Church Beliefs, Unlocking the Book of Revelation, How to Keep Your Kids Catholic, How to Pray as a Catholic, Why Does The Church Teach That? Anger and Forgiveness, Trust in The Lord, Answering Atheism, Who Do You Say That I am? and many more! Popular authors include Fr. Robert Barron, Matthew Arnold, Allen Hunt, Scott Hahn, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Matthew Kelly.

Pray the Rosary

The Rosary is prayed immediately after each weekday mass celebrated at St. Andrew Church. All are welcome.

Our Lady’s Rosary Makers at St. Andrew Parish

We have received requests for rosaries from various Missions. If you are interested in learning how to assemble string rosaries to help us fill these requests, contact Kathleen Daye at 802-552-7260 or email her at This project is sponsored by the St. Andrew Parish Altar Society.

Counseling Services Available

Vermont Catholic Charities offers affordable counseling services to individuals, couples and families. People seek counseling for many different reasons: a crisis, a loss, a major life change, substance abuse, or to improve relationships. With convenient offices in South Burlington, St. Albans, Rutland and Middlebury, our experienced clinicians and psychiatrist are here to help. We accept private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and we offer a sliding scale fee. If you or someone you know needs support, please call (802) 658-6111, ext. 1318.

College Internship Opportunity Rice Memorial High School is currently seeking a college-age intern interested in gaining hands-on marketing, communications and public relations experience. This intern will work in Rice's Advancement office this summer facilitating communication with donors and alumni. Interested applicants should be conscientious and detail-oriented; must have strong written and oral communication skills; should be creative and maintain a high level of professionalism when dealing with confidential material. This internship is for credit-only and could continue through the fall or winter if the intern attends one of our local colleges. Email a resume and cover letter to Christy Bahrenburg, Director of Advancement at

Message from Father Jerry

The Bishop’s Confirmation message is one of those occasions I like to share with parishioners. On Thursday, May 18th, Confirmation of our youth was celebrated at St. Augustine Church. At the beginning of mass, Bishop Coyne warmly welcomed everyone (it was in fact very hot), thanking parents, sponsors, catechists, musicians, Knights of Columbus, and he even suggested that the young men consider the call of the Lord to priesthood.

His homily was based on three Books leading to the central message that the Gifts of the Spirit are given but must be used. I will share just one of the Books of the three that he related in his message. It is a story about a book - the Bible. There was a wealthy man, righteous and devout, who had a nephew who was not devout and even an atheist. This nephew resisted his uncle’s piety and attempts at converting him, but put up with him because he was his uncle and he was rich. The nephew marries and the uncle gives him a gift of a beautiful Bible. On opening the gift the nephew is angered by the gift, never opens the Bible and the box eventually is placed in the attic. Years later, long after the uncle passes away, the nephew is cleaning out the attic, comes across the box, opens it again, opens the Bible and discovers that the uncle had inserted a $50 bill in every other page of the Bible. The story can be interpreted in different ways, but central is that Faith is a Gift, Gifts of the Spirit are valuable and even free, but one must accept and use them. Father Jerry

View Past Messages from Fr. Jerry

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